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The Fast Show
(Short Scripts)

Sample Videos:

An interactive, semi-improvised, multi-styled, multi-layered, pair/ensemble-based show, all done in a 24 hour period, using a few lines of script based around space, time, characters, situations, relationships, good for all kinds of performers over 16 years old.

Performers work from short one page scripts and interpret them for a final performance.  Performers are challenged to change & adapt them by using different theatre styles (Musical theatre/Improvisation/Brecht/Tragi-comedy) &  concepts (Space/Time/Relationships/Situation)

Each pairing from the ensemble chooses a script, a concept, a style/genre for their chosen piece and closes with a 60 mins performance/sharing at the end of the day. Performance can involve Improvisation with the audience.

All work must have the following:

A clear theatre style and clear characterisation.

Changes to the scripts can be made but must be explained to the directors/ensemble.

Highly recommended to involve other depts -music/art/languages- in the work and for scripts to be changed into other languages.

Good for all performers/actors over 15/16 years.

These scripts are nothing more than samples and starting points: groups are encouraged to think of new formats as to how they can be done.

Possible list of Concepts:




Unities: time/place/action






Genres/Styles previously used:

Red Nose/Half masks/Brecht/Stanislavski//Naturalistic/Musical Theatre/

Broadway-West End/Narrative/Tragedy/Kitchen Sink/Dinner Theatre/In Rehearsal/TIE/Italian Opera/Minimalist/Poem/Verse/

Spoken Word/Monologue/Duologue/French Farce/Street Theatre

AgitProp/Comedy: Black comedy/Romantic C/High C/Low C/

Comedy of Manners/Japanese Manzai comedy/One man/woman show/Melodrama/Physical theatre/Theatre of the Absurd/Theatre of Cruelty/Documentary theatre/Verbatim theatre

Epic Theatre/Historical/Shakespeare/In the Round/

Dance-Movement/Performance Art…

Ensemble Exercises: using script

-copy circle

-Object: keep it Alive-


-Build it!

-2 groups-A shout out

-Follow best idea

-5 best together

-Improv Word Spot

‘Cuse me

A:   …I’ve been meaning to ask you…


How come you always seem happy?


B:   Me?

A:   Yes, you always seem, good.


    So… happy…


A:     How do you do that?  

B:    Do what? Be happy?


A:  Yes.

B:   look around. You have a nice house, a nice dog, green fields, trees..

She looks around.

A:  ….got used to it…so familiar…

B:  It’s beautiful.


A:   But, how do you be happy? How?

She looks around again.

I don’t know….I really don’t know…where are you going?

B:   To see my family. You want a hug?

She looks around again.

A:   Oh, oh god, no ,not at all, what ever gave you that thought.

Gonna rain

A:  It’s gonna rain…how long you been here?

B:  …a long time…

A:  How come?

B:  Family…I work even on sundays.

A:  I see

B:  My boy is 10, the girl 6. Two is good. Enough. We’ve finished.


What’s your favourite milkshake?

A:  Avocado.

B:  …and banana-watermelon .

A:  I love all of them

B:  You want more friends?

A:  I have friends.

B:  …ahh, you’re smart I see…


A    5.30am-1pm every day, 6 days a week, 8 years.

B       Can you make money?

A  I make $1 a customer, you’re my second today.

B:     You have a big scar?

A  I Injured right arm, look, here it is, can’t do big work so shoe shine. Dream was to be engineer but impossible.

B    What do you do after work

A   See my 3 daughters, of course, 1 is at college…Ah, this is good leather, nice shoes, English ones, you English yes, good quality.

B    Does everyone tip you?

A    $100 tip from American guy once, biggest of my life,  Japan customers very polite, not like Chinese-pahpahpah-not good customers for me…my daughter stopped college ‘cause I ran out of money…I want her to stay here, not go to Middle East.

B   Are you working tomorrow?

A    We have elections tomorrow, so no customers…my other one at high school, and a new one aged 4…there you go, nice job.


 A      where are you from?

B        what?

A     Ha, that’s a nice place.

B    Have you been?

A     No, of course not.

He points

B       What about you?

A   Here.

B       I know, but where have you been?

A     Nowhere.

B      You must have been somewhere…?

A     No, I can’t remember when I went there. No reason to go, I have everything here.

B      Were you born here?

A   Yes…

B      Are you going to die here?

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