There is truly an explosive, fast paced energy in Neil’s workshops. As soon as the kids figure out the extent to which they are allowed to create, they take off with it. It’s fascinating to see a group learn to work together and completely transform after just a few days. What at first is seemingly nonsense, becomes a well crafted original piece of theatre that every student gets to be an equal part of. Nose2Nose creates an environment where everyone is equal and that is the key. When selfish competition is eliminated in a group, it leaves room for great things. Everybody contributes, nobody is left out and everyone gets to partake of a uniquely shared experience. Everyone does so much more in the workshops because Nose2Nose gives them freedom and trust rather than spoon feeding material… Things just wouldn’t work that way.

Julianne Riddle

Wow, this is an important testimonial, so many delights here!

Neil was a guest artist for a week at my IB school in rural India. Together, the class put together an ensemble performance which we took to a village of young boys. Being a part of the student ensemble was, in short, exhilarating. Neil challenged each student to express their ideas utilizing the entire body as an instrument of communication- and to support others along the way. Comfort zones were thoroughly expanded.
As a budding theater practitioner at the time, I asked him for feedback on my facilitation. Then, as now, he would generously coach and guide facilitators to notice and listen to their students deeply.
Neil’s approach to engaging learners have been utilized in my own IGCSE English and Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) classes. When compared with other classes in the school, these learners possess interpersonal skills that enable them to adapt quickly to unfamiliar groups and tasks – certainly a plus point in a world gravitating towards the digital realm.

Phui Kong


I taught my imagination to work like a flow of ideas, without a pause. I learned to work in a team which is the most important part of an actor’s job, since every actor must be able to work with different partners. What was extremely important for me was that I was able to build up my confidence in working with others, and the freedom of mind, body and consciousness I found helped my concentration immensely, important references to the actor’s play, where you are someone else for an hour in a play like  “The Seagull (Chaika)” by Chekhov. Neil managed to unlock my abstract thinking using these references above as anchor points, and helped me see the piece as a dance, figures constructed of body and voice, searching for new dimensions.

Ivona Mavrova

NBU/National Bulgaria University, student, Bulgaria

THE highlight of my year, extremely unique, enriching experience, and the most entertaining thing I have ever been a part of, and I’m so glad that I had that opportunity. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Simren Bhinde
Mumbai, India


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