"Damn it, Do it!"

“Damn it, Do it!”



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In this compelling book, Sister Cyril collaborates with  Neil Farrelly and Greg Dale to tell the story of her extraordinary journey with the children she has raised.

“Dam it, Do it!” is a vivid compilation of Sister Cyril’s thoughts on a wide variety of topics – education, life, sexuality, social issues, religion that she has tackled throughout her tenure as Head of the Loreto Girl’s School, Sealdah, in the city of Kolkata. Her powerful voice shines through in a series of interviews charting a long and illustrious career in the realm of education. Arriving as a young Irish nun, she completely immersed herself in Kolkata and the problem of how to help the slum children of the city. Victims of abject poverty and abuse, they found a safe haven under her affectionate care.

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I have one pair of shoes.

I have two or three others, but only one pair that I wear. I wear only one pair of shoes at a time. It’s all we can do; we’ve only got two feet. Until the shoes die, then I wear another pair.

I have a vow of poverty.

I don’t own anything, as such, so I don’t have anything to give up either.

Theoretically, if my superiors asked me for my car tomorrow, I’d give it to them.

So what do I have?

I have the clothes I’m wearing, and some others. A pen. A mobile phone. Spectacles, some books, my thesis, lots of paper.

Of course, I have this whole school, more or less, but I can’t claim any of it. In theory I have it, but at any time, I might have to give it up.

The school cats are very precious to me, especially the little black and white one, but even the cats are not possessions because they can walk off whenever they want.

We don’t own them.

What else? What else?

A bed to sleep on, a towel to wash my face, soap, a comb for my hair. I can’t think of anything else. Put like this, it seems so silly, puerile, doesn’t it?

I have all kinds of little knick-knacks that people have given me, but I don’t see them as my possessions because they’re lying around all over the place, and I wish people wouldn’t give them to me. At the same time, I’m grateful for their kind thought, and so I keep them out of respect for their feelings.

What’s the use of any of this stuff?

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About the Author

Sister M Cyril Mooney is an internationally recognised education innovator and the 2007 winner of the Padma Shri Award. Neil Farrelly has been based in Asia since 1992, teaching, writing and directing for schools, colleges and arts companies. Greg Dale graduated from Princeton University, worked in New York theatre for 10 years and has been directing and acting in Broadway-level theatres, movies, TV and commercials in Japan since 1991, working with many of Japan’s top stars.

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