Think it. Believe it. Act it!

In this workshop, participants act on what they think and believe. Using excerpts from Girls are Our Future by Sister Cyril, Neil Farrelly, and Greg Dale, participants will read, digest, and discuss various current humanitarian issues such as Charity v Development, Failure & Success, What’s Education for, Giving it all away and the environment. Students collaborate to produce and present a visual and physical work that conveys a message and inspires and encourages action around these poignant issues.

Film 55

                      Chapter title:   What’s Education for.

                     Style:   Song/Music/Narration

Page 37


-What do the words you’ve chosen personally mean for you?

-What do they mean for us, the world?

-What’s the writer trying to say?

-How can your group make sense of the words?

-How can present/show/act them for an audience?

-How can you do more than just talk about it?

-What makes your idea interesting? Challenging? Life changing?

-Why does your work here need to be original?

-What do you want your audience to think and feel?

-Why should your audience/listeners/readers take note of you?

Film 59

Chapter:  Giving it all Away

Style:    Whiteboard presentation to camera

 Page 65

MS GIN Manila 2019 was a fantastic success – and the credit goes to you. Your contributions were the substance and merit of the conference. Thank you for bringing your passion, enthusiasm, and expertise to our students. In speaking with students and teachers we heard overwhelmingly positive responses… We spoke with several teachers who are GIN veterans and they told us that this is the best conference they had been to because of the quality and variety of workshops and speeches. We had 152 participants from 14 schools attending over 60 workshop sessions, and 5 keynote speeches! Erin Leininger, ISM, Manila.

Film 58

 Chapter:    The Future, Our Future

 Style:   Acting to camera with props  

Page 103

102, 103

Film 60   

Chapter;  Environment: Waste

Style:  Rap/Song/Poem

Page 102

102, 103


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